My Wish for You.

ImageChristmas can be such a wonderful occasion of sharing and caring. Of excitement and expectation. For me it’s also a time of reflection and prayer. Of gratitude and thanks for the family and friends that make my life so special. And it’s a time for wishes.

I understand those who dread the festivities. This bright and shimmering period which serves only to reinforce a  sense of loss, disappointment and weariness. Tough going at the best of times, but even harder if you’re trying to put on a brave face so that those around you won’t sense how desperate you are. How hard it all is. How lonely you feel.

Somehow when everyone else is celebrating around you, it can make your pain feel a million times worse. And your sense of isolation almost unbearable. My wish for you would be that you be filled with the reassurance that if you just stay strong there are brighter times ahead.

For anyone who feels hopeless I wish you hope. For those in physical pain, I wish you healing. For the lonely I wish you friendship and compassion. If you’re trapped in the past I wish you freedom to enjoy the day and move on to the future. If you’re fearful I wish you courage and self-belief. If you’re struggling with grief, anger or bitterness, I wish you peace and forgiveness.

For anyone who is on the journey to becoming themselves I wish you inspiration to live the life you dream of. For those who are happy and contented with life, I wish you continued joy and prosperity of mind, body and soul.

For everyone who has been kind enough to support The Hurt Healer blog in so many ways, I thank you sincerely for sharing my journey. I wish you all a safe and loving Christmas and look forward spending time with you in 2013.

“May all your hopes, dreams and wishes become reality.” ~The Hurt Healer

LIfe - Kathleen Tennant
Images – Floral Love×14-mixed-media-art-print and Life×14-signed-mixed-media-print-home thanks to the amazing Kathleen Tennant

33 thoughts on “My Wish for You.

  1. Such beautiful sentiments, Carolyn. I wish all of these things for you as well. I’m forwarding this article as I’m many people in my online community could benefit from hearing your wisdom.

  2. Beautifully written Carolyn. You understand the situation that so many are in and we do feel such gratitude when we are in a better place. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Your blog has been such a blessing and I always look forward to reading your posts. It will be great continuing on in 2013. I wish you peace, joy and serenity!! Hugs.

  3. I am a fairly new member to this site and clicked and saw your message. My father died in July this year and I find myself feeling displaced and without parents – it is a strange and new landscape. I miss him; it is good to remember that I am not the only one missing someone. I am also grateful to have someone to ‘miss’. Thank you for the space. Best to you too. Angie.

    • My dear Angie, you are not the only one missing someone. You clearly loved your father very much and the more the love the greater the sense of loss. So glad you found some space here and you are always welcome. Be kind to yourself.

  4. I liked the wishes you sent to the people who aren’t as happy with their circumstances during these holidays — I think it would be so liberating if people just felt free during the holidays to tell their loved ones how they were actually feeling, as opposed to holding up a facade of normalcy.

    • It would be liberating Chris! If people could celebrate what they wanted to celebrate instead of how they felt they ought to. It would bring Christmas back to where it should be – in our hearts and souls.

  5. Thank you Carolyn for your beautiful and thoughtful post. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family and friends. Thank you for all you do and the ‘light’ that you share with this world….

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