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I’m always delighted to be asked to guest post. Here are some of my most recent posts for some other wonderful sites.

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A KIND OF LOVING – for the kind kindred series on KIND OVER MATTER

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’ – Dalai Lama

What does being kind mean to you? Perhaps it’s helping someone out, giving a gift or simply offering a compliment, but being kind can also mean having a loving and forgiving attitude.

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Alcohol Dependency – 3 Ways to Manage Yours for Life

Carolyn Hughes never intended to have an alcohol dependency. Like many, she took her first drink as a teenager, but over a period of 20 years her occasional use turned to regular abuse and eventually she was completely alcohol dependent. Today she is no longer controlled by her alcoholism, but after 16 years of sobriety has learned to control her condition and enjoy her life. How did she make the transition? This is her story.

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Who do you want to be? If you’ve experienced traumas that have left you numb, or the pressures of an image-conscious, success-driven society are forcing you to live your life trying to be someone you’re not, perhaps it’s time to start finding out who you really are.

Breaking free.

the-hurt-healer-ddYou love them. You want to be with them.

But what started off as a loving, caring, fun relationship, has turned into a controlling, threatening and fear-filled existence.

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Believing for a breakthrough.

Do you ever doubt God? Wonder if he hears your prayers? Even question your faith?

It’s easy to pray and praise when life is going well, but sometimes you can feel as if every day is a challenge and that finding the joy in your life is becoming harder. Whether you are trapped in the past, fighting a downward spiral with each day or are fearful of the future, you need a breakthrough.


Authentically creative.

Like many writers I want my work to be recognisable by its unique and individual style.  For me, it’s crucial that what and how I write reflects my authentic self.  Anyone who has read my blog The Hurt Healer will be familiar with the fact that I share from the heart. It’s a deliberate approach to enable readers to relate to and hopefully be encouraged by my words.  Authenticity means being genuine and real.  Much as I would love to reveal only my good side, to be true to my work I have to disclose my whole self.

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Hurt People Hurt People

1391080_beach_heart“Abuse. Loss. Betrayal.  Rejection. Abandonment. Any form of emotional pain that hurts you deeply can in turn make you hurt others. Or even hurt yourself. Left unresolved these issues can develop into long-term anger, resentment and fears that impact on our relationships. Without healing we can develop anxieties, health issues, depression and addictions that harm ourselves and those around us. But there is a way to end the cycle of hurt and that is through forgiveness.”…….Read more of this post:      Please do leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think!

Alcohol and creativity – does it help or hinder?

regeneration“Do you drink?”
“Of course, I just said I was a writer.”                                                                                                          ~ Stephen King

It’s easy to name writers who were known drinkers yet have managed to achieve great things; Ernest Hemingway, Dylan Thomas, James Joyce are among those who regularly used and in some cases abused alcohol. But does drinking actually aid the creative process or does it simply make you believe that your artistic faculties are enhanced?

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6 thoughts on “Guest posts

  1. I came across this site while searching resources to offer for a support group that I contribute to regularly. I am a writer and also a recovering addict, alcoholic and a suicide survivor. The odds were stacked against me in enormous ways but I survived and have taken the fact that my life was spared so many times, to change the course of my writing career and focus entirely on recovery and hope. I would love to offer support to anyone needing it and also offer myself to contribute my story or any topic for inspiration to your readers. I’ve authored a memoir recounting my struggles and hospitalizations, and how I found hope and the will to live again. It is titled ‘as the Smoke Clears, a Memoir’ and was released early February on amazon. I am also currently writing a guide, sharing all the tools I was lucky to access through all the rehabilitation and treatment I received, to pass on to those who are not able to access such services, which unfortunately are the majority. I use my survival to reach out and bring hope to women and mothers that they should not be burdened with guilt & shame so as to prevent them from seeking the help they need! I love what I am seeing on this site and would be so happy to contribute in some way., anything I can do. God bless you all.

  2. “Authenticity means being genuine and real. Much as I would love to reveal only my good side, to be true to my work I have to disclose my whole self.” — Those are the words freedom speaks! I hope to be able to do the same, with as much grace and mercy as you, Carolyn. Thanks for ringing the bell of Liberty and breaking the cycle of toxic shame, fear, and control. 🙂

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