Enjoy life’s precious journey.

Life is a precious. Yet we can so easily forget to enjoy the journey. Caught up in the fast pace of a daily existence, we focus on our problems whilst we dream of the promise of a better tomorrow.

When life was tough for me I would contemplate on how happy I would be ‘When’. ‘When’ I got a better job. ‘When’ I had money. ‘When’ I got married. The list was endless. And even now that I am generally contented with my life I can still slip into thinking similar misconceptions of how amazing I will feel ‘When.’ ‘When I’ve lost weight’. ‘When I’ve published my book.’ But the reality is that those things may not happen, or when they do happen they may disappoint because of unrealistic expectations.

But I can make the decision to stop wasting valuable time worrying over the future or fretting over the past because I’m not in control of either.
What is stopping me from enjoying the here and now? Nothing! 

Everyone, no matter who you are can enjoy life’s precious journey. I know because I spent years escaping from life by numbing my physical and emotional self with alcohol and struggling with the soul-destroying effects of depression. I hated myself. I hated my life. But it was at the point of losing my life that I realised just how finite it could be. The miracle of a second chance gave me the insight to appreciate the gift of healing, which bought with it freedom to love myself. And to love life.

Having gratitude and not taking life for granted is important. Life is short. We never know when our days will be ended – so why not celebrate life while we have it?

It doesn’t take a monumental event to make a day special. Grand occasions are wonderful but so too are what I call ‘miracle moments.’ Witnessing a vibrant rainbow after the rain, the comforting smell of baking, watching your innocent child play make-believe, hearing an evocative piece of music – any little event that helps us connect with our authentic self.

As I start each morning I can decide to make the best of the day. If it doesn’t go as well as I had hoped or planned then that is all part of the journey too. But then God willing, there will be tomorrow and the rest of my journey to enjoy.

Top image ‘The Journey’ thanks to Amber Church. http://www.etsy.com/listing/101235759/limited-edition-giclee-mixed-media-art