The sweet sound of silence.

The buzz of a busy market place, the loud squeals of children playing, the noisy thrill of a concert. Vibrant sounds fill us with excitement, joy and vitality.

Sometimes though our senses can overload with the constant commotion of daily living. It’s time to switch off and experience the sweet sound of silence.

Actually, it’s amazing how difficult it can be to find a place that it perfectly quiet. Living in the countryside as I do, it is calm and peaceful. Yet even in the dead of night there will be a rustle of wind in the trees or the slight bubble of water from the river. It’s not total silence but there is a tangible tranquility and stillness.

β€œWe need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.” ~ Mother Theresa

I have grown to love periods of silence and solitude. However, I also know just how torturous being alone with only your own thoughts can be.

Throughout the seasons of my depression I battled with a constant need to fill my personal space with as much noise as possible. It didn’t matter where it came from as long as it was loud enough to distract from my inner turmoil. My biggest fear at that time was to be left only with myself – a truly terrifying thought.

With healing came a sense of clarity, serenity and the ability to ‘just be’. As with most things in life, it’s a question of balance. The more I became comfortable with and able to immerse myself in times of silence, the more I could appreciate and enjoy times of noisy activity.

“Silence has a regenerative power of its own. It is always sacred. It always returns you home.” β€” Barbara De Angelis

But even in the midst of the most hectic of days, I find that just a few minutes of quiet rest can physically and psychologically rejuvenate and refresh.

Today I am going to take time to benefit from the sweet sound of silence. Are you?

Top image ‘be still’ thanks to poemstudio
Bottom image ‘time for me’ thanks to NaturallybyDenise

44 thoughts on “The sweet sound of silence.

  1. Hi,I’m Laura and i’m new here.I live in the city and i find silence in my local park.There, i recharge my batteries and i find myself.For me,silence is helpful and being alone is not scarry at all.

    • Hi Laura. Great to see you here. I love your idea of finding silence in your local park. Being outside helps me find calm and gives me space to recharge too. So glad that you enjoy your own company, because so many people don’t. Looking forward to reading more of your comments!

      • Hi Carolyn.Thank you so much for your warm welcome.I sure will be writing more comments because i love this community and your articles.I can’t wait to read your new posts.Food for my wounded heart.Thank you again.

  2. Just last night I was thinking about how much I enjoy the quietest time of the day. I usually read after midnight, and I spent an hour doing that last night, and it was so peaceful. I know people who can’t take the quiet and also always have to be busy, and I sometimes wonder what it is they’re afraid of confronting if they found themselves alone. To me, it’s a blessing, but it isn’t to everyone.

  3. Hi Carolyn
    Oh how I would love to hear silence again. I live in the city and really want to get back into the country. Tired of all those that think it is okay to play their stereos loud and that everyone enjoys their music. Ugh.
    I grew up in the country where you could hear a car a mile away and knew who it was by the sound. Where you could hear a boat go between the islands about 2 miles out. Where you could hear the orca’s crash against the water long before you could see them. Growing up it seemed almost too quiet, but I sure miss it now. But there definitely is something rejuvenating about silence.
    Great post.

    • Thank you for your great comments Mary! Living in city is so totally different to living in the country, especially when it comes to noise levels! So glad you liked the post πŸ™‚

  4. Howdy Carolyn. I like this post. Quiet is hard to come by with me too. I live right next to the fire dept in downtown Knoxville. When I want to get with God I go into my prayer closet.and talk to God.

  5. I love peaceful quiet. Constant noise is disturbing to me. Often I am guilty of too much silence and do not think about putting music on or making a phone call just because I do not want to be disturbed… so I do take it too far at times. I, too, live in the country and enjoy the sweet sounds of nature… they speak beauty to my soul. Very refreshing article.

  6. Carolyn, I really enjoyed this article. Silence has become my friend over the years. There are times, however, when I need to put on my soft music to silence all of the voices in my head. I think it is something to do with my personality type. My little ipod has become another friend.

  7. This is so important! I fall short of quiet time in the Summer as things get off track with my son home from school and the neighborhood is also abuzz with other children home. I do take time everyday to meditate when I can, every AM and PM…

  8. What a beautiful article this is Carolyn. I love the beauty of silence. Especially when the only sound is a sound of nature, like wind rustling through trees. I drive a truck all day and often I leave the radio off all day long, with no sound in the truck except the sound of the engine. It’s very tranquil.
    Boy, I could go on and on about this one. I have so many favorite quite times I observe regularly.

  9. It’s so true Carolyn – it’s hard to find a place where it is completely silent! I also live in the country and have been noticing how *noisy* it has been of late with the hot summer we’re having – frogs chirping, cicadas buzzing, crows cawing… etc ;).

    It is very important for me to have some alone peaceful quiet time each day – especially when I’m feeling a wee bit *overloaded*… I appreciate your journey and your sharing of it β™₯

  10. I am really working on this time to be still and quiet ! It’s important to our mental well being which affects of body as well.;) I adore your site and the pretty pictures !

  11. Agreed! I often just ride in the car in silence. A lot of the noise in the world is negative & I know God has better things for me right now. Love this: β€œSilence has a regenerative power”- Thanks for sharing Carolyn.

  12. I love this post, I can so relate to the pain that you had when you were depressed Carolyn. I know that pain somewhat when I lost my parents, I couldn’t stand being alone, it drove me to the crowds of people and that drove me back to myself again. It was a circle that became a spiral in my life not for the good… until God intervened and I am soo soo thankful that I listened to what He told me to do. My life has never been the same! Thanks you so much!!!

  13. There is SO much data that talks about how constant input of sound and information (music, images, video, podcasts, tv, etc), is actually changing, in a negative way, how our brains work. We are resting less and having increased concentration difficulties. A break for silence is not just a good spiritual practice, it impacts our health and thinking too.

  14. Carolyn, I love this post. In the past few months, I have started making this a priority and what a difference it has made. Just taking time to “BE” .. to “get away from it all” ..especially when life throws out a bunch of unexpected challenges, it’s truly a gift from above to be able to experience that. I grew up in the country where my mom still lives, and when I go back there, I really can have that feeling. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Hi Carolyn,

    So true, we all need silence at times. With the children gone I now have time for sweet sound of silence. i usually enjoy the silence in the morning after hubby goes to work. Later in the day I will turn on some tunes to break that silence and bring myself back into the world,

    So between silence and music I am right with the world.

    I do enjoy the sound of nature too, especialy water from a stream or wave.

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