Enjoy life’s precious journey.

Life is a precious. Yet we can so easily forget to enjoy the journey. Caught up in the fast pace of a daily existence, we focus on our problems whilst we dream of the promise of a better tomorrow.

When life was tough for me I would contemplate on how happy I would be ‘When’. ‘When’ I got a better job. ‘When’ I had money. ‘When’ I got married. The list was endless. And even now that I am generally contented with my life I can still slip into thinking similar misconceptions of how amazing I will feel ‘When.’ ‘When I’ve lost weight’. ‘When I’ve published my book.’ But the reality is that those things may not happen, or when they do happen they may disappoint because of unrealistic expectations.

But I can make the decision to stop wasting valuable time worrying over the future or fretting over the past because I’m not in control of either.
What is stopping me from enjoying the here and now? Nothing! 

Everyone, no matter who you are can enjoy life’s precious journey. I know because I spent years escaping from life by numbing my physical and emotional self with alcohol and struggling with the soul-destroying effects of depression. I hated myself. I hated my life. But it was at the point of losing my life that I realised just how finite it could be. The miracle of a second chance gave me the insight to appreciate the gift of healing, which bought with it freedom to love myself. And to love life.

Having gratitude and not taking life for granted is important. Life is short. We never know when our days will be ended – so why not celebrate life while we have it?

It doesn’t take a monumental event to make a day special. Grand occasions are wonderful but so too are what I call ‘miracle moments.’ Witnessing a vibrant rainbow after the rain, the comforting smell of baking, watching your innocent child play make-believe, hearing an evocative piece of music – any little event that helps us connect with our authentic self.

As I start each morning I can decide to make the best of the day. If it doesn’t go as well as I had hoped or planned then that is all part of the journey too. But then God willing, there will be tomorrow and the rest of my journey to enjoy.

Top image ‘The Journey’ thanks to Amber Church. http://www.etsy.com/listing/101235759/limited-edition-giclee-mixed-media-art

56 thoughts on “Enjoy life’s precious journey.

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  3. Carolyn, you have come such a long way; I am so glad to know you and yes we should be looking back and neither to the future; we are to live a day at a time. God’s mercies and God’s grace is new every morning and when we trust God in everything that we do and everything that we need, we always will be more than an overcomer!!

  4. You are so right Carolyn, I sometimes get bogged down with I’ll be happy when, but I do thank God for my blessings each day. Taking time to notice the tiny things, like a few small pebbbles I picked up off the beach today, the first day without rain for ages and a chance encounter with an old friend made my day.

  5. You’re absolutely right about ‘life being a precious journey’, Carolyn. It’s when we begin celebrating everything life has to offer us… right down to those small victories – we are able to uncover our own ‘When’ moment. I loved this post, my friend. It was as precious as the journey of life. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Blessings.

    • Thank you Deone for such kind and encouraging comments – Love that you said ‘celebrating everything life has to offer us’, because that’s exactly what life is about!

  6. Carolyn you have wonderful insight. The journey here on earth is temporary and one best done by serving our Lord. Many times when the “When’s” come into our lives we just have to remember that it will all be different “When God takes us home to Heaven.” Love it!

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  8. Carolyn, this has been my daily creed the past year, to LOVE every day, enjoying the beauty in each day, not taking it for granted. Thanks for the beautiful post!

  9. After losing everything in my early 50s, having worked so hard for decades to the exclusion of so much, I came to understand the miracle of a new bloom in the morning. Or the sound of a caring friend’s voice. Or the smell of clean laundry. As I’ve said often, “I learned that when I had nothing, I was actually richer.” And I’ve vowed to myself to never forget that lesson …

    • I love your comments Sharon! Always so full of wisdom. This is brilliant- “I learned that when I had nothing, I was actually richer.” It’s given me another idea for a post. Thanks 🙂

  10. I love how you write from your heart, Carolyn. I just discovered your blog today so I’m a new reader. I join you in looking for the “miracle moments” in each day – what a blessing!

  11. Thank you for a great post, Carolyn. Counting my blessings keeps me centered and not sweating the small stuff. Life is too short to waste on such energies. Loved your post! x0x

  12. This reminds me of what multi-millionaire, Dani Johnson says… “Most people wait for something to make them smile. Instead, smile because you are blessed.” (paraphrased) Great article, Carolyn!

  13. Wonderful post, Carolyn….I look for God in all things, and He makes me so very grateful. Even on my morning walks, I marvel at the diversity of His creation. He is the ultimate artist!

  14. Wonderful post, Carolyn, and full of deep honesty. Many people play the ‘When’ game with themselves, so your message is very important. We have to remind ourselves to keep our feet planted in the here and now, and to not let pass those moments you describe, which make life so much more livable – the music and rainbows and innocent children, still full of wonder and hope.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments Eva and so glad that you appreciated the honesty. It blesses me to be able to be open after spending so much time hiding behind alcohol.

  15. You are so right, Carolyn. We need to enjoy the journey. Beautiful post. There are days when we get up and things don’t go right and those small things make all the difference. The other day we had a rainstorm and there was an incredible rainbow that stretched from horizon to horizon. It made my heart sing. Love your post!

  16. Hi Carolyn,

    Great reminder to live for today and not wait until our life changes to be happy. Happiness comes from inside and I try and find joy no matter what is happening around me. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  17. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post, Carolyn. I can relate to your story. It took a small stroke in February to show me exactly how precious life is and to appreciate every single day. God bless you.

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